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Hello dear visitor, welcome to my website,

Rags and Tips was born out of love for my dog and best friend Qtip "Tips". When he got older I taught myself how to crochet and started making blankets to help keep him warm. I wanted to make sure that his blankets were soft and warm and still strong enough to survive his paws and the laundry machine. After the blankets were done I had fallen in love with the art of crochet and started making all kinds of other stuff. Ranging from blankets, tote bags, scrubbies to stuffed animals and more. 

My best friend sadly passed but I kept to crochet. Now his brother Ragnar "Rags" is enjoying his blankets and I want to share my creations with others. All items I sell are handmade by me so I can assure the quality and uniqueness of every single one. They are practical, washable, reusable and can be customized to your liking. So have a look around and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Lots of love, Nadene

Ragnar with collar.jpg

Sammy Sam Brown, ON

“Very very nice quality and good work, highly recommend. "

Tash, ON

"I love them so much, so comfy and cozy. Need to get more."

Marilyn, ON

"I use my blanket and scrubbies everyday. I can't live without them."


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