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These beautful spring flowers are 100% organic cotton and will add a little brightness to your world. Sold as a set - 1 smaller and 1 larger. Can be multi-use as most of our designs so you can use it for what your heart desires. 


Can be used for pot holders, face and body cloths or dishcloths. They are resuable and can be washed for multiple uses. It is strongly reccommended to hang them to dry or lie them flat, while they can go in the dryer the shape will remain in tact better if hung to dry or laid flat. 

Spring Flowers- Set of 2

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Colours available: 

    1. Yellow & White

    2. Blue & White

    3. Pink & White

    4. Mint & White

    We can also customize and take special order requests. 

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